First Tea Making Journey

We finally did it! Tony, Jessica, and I went to Datang (Jessica’s hometown in the north of Guangdong) a couple of weeks ago to make tea! Her father has an orchard, with some tea bushes too. He regularly makes his own green tea, and invited us up to try our hands at it!

We made green and white tea and were very pleased with the results. We have a deeper appreciation for just how hard making tea can be. You can see the below video of us picking, rolling, and finally roasting the tea, where we ended up burning our hands a little!

  • Viviann Alexandra Knutsen

    Beautiful!!! thank you for sharing this:)

  • Kendall

    Thanks, Vivian! We’re in the Wuyi mountains now making more videos of tea and how it is made out here! Check back for updates.

  • Kendall

    And here is The Wuyi Mountains post:

    We had a lot of fun!