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Taiwanese Lishan Oolong Tea

I got up this morning and the sun was shining for the first time in weeks, a perfect reason to drink tea on the patio. I decided to explore some Li Shan Oolong. The Li Shan area is one of the highest tea growing areas in the world and produces some of the best Taiwanese […]

Purple Dragon Enters Spring

Spring has fully arrived  in Guangzhou. To settle into the season I like drinking  Zi Long Pao Wulong (lit: Purple dragon Robe Oolong).  This is how it feels: Whilst pouring water on the leaves, the fragrance spirals into me like mana, reinvigorating my soul and elevating my spirit. As the water touches my lips, the […]

The Secret Tea Garden

It was a surprisingly warm spring afternoon in Guangzhou. As arranged, I met Kendall in the square behind his new apartment, slap bang in the center of town. He’d discovered a quaint ‘tea garden’ just around the corner and we were hoping it would prove a great place to meet to talk and drink tea. […]

Ways To Drink Tea: Part 1

Tea Mind by Tony Lambert We live in complicated times. For those of us that live lives of high pressure and stress, harmony, stillness and clarity may seem distant. There is no doubt in my mind that a cup of tea does wonders. And if prepared and drunk properly the very same cup of tea will alliviate […]

How to brew Wu Yi Oolongs

There are several ways to brew Chinese teas. Using a regular tea pot Using a Gaiwan Using a small clay teapot 100-150 ml and small cups For Wu Yi Oolongs we highly recommend the latter two. Regular Teapot Simple add 10g of leaves to a normal teapot. Bring water to a full rolling boil and […]