Ways To Drink Tea: Part 1

Tea MindSmelling Tea

by Tony Lambert

We live in complicated times. For those of us that live lives of high pressure and stress, harmony, stillness and clarity may seem distant. There is no doubt in my mind that a cup of tea does wonders. And if prepared and drunk properly the very same cup of tea will alliviate even the most stubborn of stress and allow us to put our hearts down and relax. Through the simplicity of a cup of tea we can return our mind to a harmonious state and feel calm, awake and clear.

And it is not very difficult. In essence, first you heat some water. Then you make the tea. And finally you drink it. However, take out the tea with awareness. Slowly inhale the fragrance of the dry leaves. Savour it fully. Then measure out the leaves with intention and attention.

When you pour the water into the pot, just pour. Nothing else.
When you wait for the tea to brew, just wait. Nothing else.
And when you drink the tea, just drink. Nothing else.

Become fully present and mindful of the process, of your movements and of your sensory experiences. And allow your mind to become one with the tea.