First Tea Tasting In Oslo

Tasting session

With 15 degrees below outside and the rush of Christmas shopping entering the mind of people I felt it was about time for a little Tea break. So I invited people to come and taste some of the great teas Tony had found on the market in Guangzhou.

At around 3pm on saturday the 4th of December people started trickling in at Norsk Taiji Center here in Oslo.

Embracing the warmth and settling down, I got the kettle started.

First round was a low quality Tea from Taiwan named Butterfly of Taiwan. I thought it would be interesting for people to see the differences of the various tea qualities. It was really just a big heap of crumbled leaves full of stalks added as a filler. And it left a rough and bitter aftertaste.

To sweeten the mood I brought out Purple Dragon Robe for the next round. Its aroma vanquishing the Butterfly with the first sniff of the cup. We had five cups, or paos, of the Purple Dragon Robe, and the energy in the room was building up. There was still quite a lot of taste left in the leaves, but we were eager to try out what else had been shipped from China.

The Orchid amongst the Cliffs is one of the most aromatic teas I’ve ever tasted. But it isn’t that artificial taste that you often encounter – but rather one of soft a soft summer breeze. After five servings of the Orchid we were starting to feel the effect which good and pure tea will give you when drunk in a sufficient quantity – a shift of focus.

And there was still more to explore…

So we opened up the Golden Turtle. The most powerful of them all. We could all feel the tea going straight to our heads as the smooth and lively liquor filled us. After the first cup we were all getting a bit tea drunk.

After sitting and enjoying tea for two hours we were now breaking up. Going back into the ordinary world. Our minds still filled with the effects of what we had enjoyed we got our clothes on and went back into a dark and cold December here in Oslo.

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Thank you all for coming, and I hope to see you again next time. If you missed out, you’ll have a another chance next year 🙂

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