A friday of Kung Fu and Tea

A lot of people came out to Bjarte’s presentation of his trip to China. We really got a night packed full of stories from his stay at Wudang together with demonstrations of a Chen style taiji form, the powerful Immortal staff and the Immortal Sword. As well as an appearance of his Kung Fu students.

Brewing the tea just right

Brewing the tea just right for 50 people

And of course I served tea afterwards. I’ve never served tea to 50+ people before, but it went down really well. Not exactly doing it Gong Fu cha style this evening. But the results of brewing the Cinnamon Oolong tea (Rou Gui) in a big pot went through the roof.

This oolong tea is traditionally roasted, and has a very lofty aroma with subtle cinnamon overtones. And with a strong liquor it was a great success.

I put out more pictures from the evening on our Facebook page.